ANNA-LAB was established by Anna Czarnecka-Leś M.Sc. in 1982. Despite passing years, our mission and principles stay the same: to provide our patients with the highest quality analytical services. We wish to make our laboratory not only a testing point for basic and specific tests, but also a friendly place where patients receive professional knowledge about diagnostic.

Our laboratory medicine specialists are highly qualified, regularly attend courses and training arranged by e.g. the Medical University of Warsaw, the National Chamber of Laboratory Medicine Specialists, Polish Association of Laboratory Diagnostics and other important institutions.

We provide our patients with a chance to consult a laboratory medicine specialist, who will clarify all the complexities of the testing methods, blood sampling and factors affecting the tests in simple terms.

Patient-friendly laboratory

Even if equipment and testing methods have changed enormously over all these years, our attitude to patients remains the same. We always put our patients first and do everything in our power to make the short stay at our lab as least traumatic as possible, especially for children.

Quality first

To ensure the highest quality, we continue to invest in our people and equipment that must meet very stringent standards. The laboratory has state-of-the-art analysers and medical equipment made by reputable manufacturers such as Beckman Coulter, Bio-Ksel, and Sysmex. The equipment is integrated with the lab’s IT system and maintained by their authorised representatives in line with the manufacturers’ standards and guidelines.

Basic tests are done at the lab. Blood samples are analysed quickly, which shortens the time and improves the quality of tests.To help us offer you the best quality of service, we kindly request that you read the instructions on how to prepare for blood and urine tests available at our website under HOW TO PREPARE FOR TESTS

We guarantee high quality of analyses and reliable tests. We run regular internal quality control of all parameters determined in the laboratory. We also participate in Sysmex IQAS, an international programme, and a certified external test quality control where the controller is the Centre for Quality Research Centre in Laboratory Diagnostics.